Joyce Holt goes a-wandering on...

Ed Egerdahl's  Best of Norway 2006

* otherwise known as the  "Eat-Your-Way-Thru-Norway Tour" *

Click on the links in the "PART" column (I, II, III, IV)
to see my detailed tour journal, a week at a time, text only.

Click on a day to see the day's journal entry with a scattering of photos.

note: Part I is my journey to Telemark before joining the tour.

PART Sunday Moonday Tiwsday Wodensday Thorsday Freyasday Saturnday
I June 18
leave Seattle
June 19
arrive Oslo
June 20
bus to Valdres
June 21
train to Skien
car rental to Morgedal
June 22
visit Dalen, Moen, ┼
June 23
visit Homme, ┼
June 24
car rental back to Skien
II June 25
Skien menighet
June 26
train to Oslo
join tour
June 27
Oslo card
June 28
to Hallingdal
June 29
to Bergen
June 30
tour Bergen
July 1
to Lake J°lstra
III July 2
to Volda, ┼lesund
July 3
tour ┼lesund
July 4
to Trondheim
July 5
tour Trondheim
July 6
to Mo i Rana
July 7
to Bod°, Lofoten: ┼
July 8
IV July 9
to Borg, Hamar°y:
midnight sun!
July 10
visit Egerdal
July 11
to Bod°
July 12
fly home
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