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When not writing, Joyce reads, tinkers with her website, works logic puzzles, draws caricatures, supports her local branch of the SCA (a medieval reenactment society), plies the ancient crafts of tablet weaving and sprang netting, sews Halloween costumes for her grandchildren and period garb for herself, translates Norwegian folk songs into English, and practices on her Celtic harp and fipple flute (recorder). She did part-time office work as well, until a recent move. In an earlier stage of life she was a computer programmer.

Joyce's alternate persona, self-portrait in caricature
as Mother Goose
Once a year Joyce competes in the local chalk art contest, visits the local kindergarten as Mother Goose (with ventriloquist puppet Goosey Gander), and sings alto in the Messiah.

When her husband relates the technical details of his job in aerospace, Joyce's eyes glaze but she nods anyway. He in turn nods and smiles when she speaks the jargon of fiction. Together they tend an organic garden, always taking time to smell the roses and honeysuckle, and to check the goldfish pond for visiting frogs.

Joyce misses her border collie buddy (though she's really a cat person at heart). She used to like squirrels, but no longer, not after they dug up a reseeded lawn at her old place and climbed up her window screens at the new place. She has been known to chase raccoons down the street in the middle of the night when they come prowling at her goldfish pond. Look for a camouflaged fox face in her photo below!

the fox and me

Storytelling in pictures:

Joyce occasionally teaches classes in the SCA:

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