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As I delve through the past, digging deep in research about Dark Ages Norway and Cumbria, I unearth a trove of clinkers and jewels that catch my eye -- but not all of them make their way into my novels. Here's one of them...

A "Flying Rowan" (called a "flogronin" in Norway and Sweden) refers to a young rowan tree that has taken root within the fork of an older tree. Wands made from a Flying Rowan are considered especially powerful and often used by diviners to locate metal and (when forked) water.

Other common names for the rowan are: Mountain Ash, Quicken Tree, Quick Beam, Witchwood, Wiggen, Witcher and Sorb Apple.

"Rowan" is a word of Scandinavian origin: Norwegian rogn, Danish rn, and Swedish rnn, all descending from the Old Norse "reynir," which probably means "to redden."

historical fantasy

     Troll and Trylleri
         manuscript completed at 114,500 words
         novel pitch
         literary contest finalist, fantasy/sci-fi category
                - - at 2015 PNWA* writers conference

         working title: Trolldom (too obscure, and dull-sounding);
         other titles considered:
             * Troll Trodden
             * Troll's Prey
             * Troll's Tread
             * Where Trolls Tread
             * King's Daughter, Troll's Bride
                  (good combo of history and fantasy hints but much too long)

Tapestry of Cumbria
     Hero's Shield
         manuscript completed at 91,000 words
         novel pitch
         Publishers Weekly Review from 2013
         literary contest finalist, fantasy/sci-fi category
                - - at 2012 PNWA* writers conference

     Brigand's Blade
         manuscript completed at 105,000 words
         novel pitch
         literary contest finalist, fantasy/sci-fi category
                - - at 2014 PNWA* writers conference

     Crofter's Spear
         manuscript completed at 105,000 words

     Smith's Hammer
         manuscript completed at 112,000 words

     Sentinel's Staff/Herald's Banner
         manuscript first-drafted at 66,000 words

           * PNWA: Pacific Northwest Writers Association

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Timeline for Tapestry of Cumbria

Premise about the Otherworlds

Maps of Cumbria

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